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PLACES 2023 Call for Papers

Important Dates

  • Abstract registration deadline: 12 February 2023, AoE
  • Submission deadline: 15 February 2023, AoE
  • Author notification: 17 March 2023, AoE
  • Workshop: 22 April 2023 in Paris, France

Submission Instructions

Submission site:

Submissions are invited in the general area of programming language approaches to concurrency, communication and distribution, ranging from foundational issues, through language implementations, to applications and case studies. Submissions are peer-reviewed by a minimum of three reviewers, with the aim of allocating at least one expert reviewer.

Submissions must be formatted with the EPTCS style.

We welcome the following types of submission:

  • Research papers with a maximum length of 8 pages (with no restriction on bibliography or appendices, which the reviewers are not required to read). Submitted research papers are reviewed based on their novelty, clarity, and technical soundness. They must not be submitted for publication elsewhere, and if accepted, they will appear in the PLACES proceedings.

  • Talk proposals with a maximum length of 2 pages (with no restriction on bibliography or appendices, which the reviewers are not required to read). Talk proposals may present ongoing work, as well as work already published elsewhere. Accepted talk proposals will be presented at the workshop, but will not appear in the PLACES proceedings.


Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and implementation of programming languages with first class concurrency and communication primitives
  • Models for concurrent and distributed systems, such as process algebra and automata, and their mechanisation in proof assistants
  • Behavioural types, including session types
  • Concurrent data types, objects and actors
  • Verification and program analysis methods for safe and secure concurrent and distributed software
  • Interface and contract languages for communication and distribution
  • Applications to microservices, sensor networks, scientific computing, HPC, blockchains, robotics
  • Concurrency and communication in event processing and business process management

Proceedings and Journal Special Issue

The proceedings of PLACES 2023 with accepted research papers will be published as a volume of EPTCS.

Authors of selected papers from PLACES 2023 will be later invited to submit extended versions of their papers to a special issue of Information and Computation or JLAMP or FAC.